Q1. What is Gadget Secure?
Gadget Secure is an efficient and cost effective way to insure your essential gadgets and portable electronic equipment.
Q2. What cover is provided by Syska Gadget Secure?
The Syska Gadget Secure covers:
a) Fire & Allied Perils
b) Theft & Burglary
c) Physical Damage
d) Water/ Fluid Damage
Please refer to the Gadget Secure policy details for the full terms and conditions.
Q3. What gadgets does this insurance cover?
Gadgets that can be covered under this insurance are mobile phones and smart phones.
Insurance is complementary with syska secure pack.
Q4. On what value should I get insurance for my gadgets?
You will be insured for the original purchase price of the gadget.
Insurance is complementary with syska secure pack.
Q5. Does this policy only cover new gadgets?
Yes insurance cover is restricted to only new purchases.
Insurance is complementary with syska secure pack.
Q6. What information do I need to register my gadget for insurance?
We need the following information:
a. Your name and address (including post code if applicable)
b. The make, model, serial numbers and age of the covered product(s) you wish to cover
d. IMEI number of any mobile phone/smartphone
e. The date of purchase.
f.  The purchase price of the item.
Insurance is complementary with syska secure pack.
Q7. What other benefits does Gadget Secure provide?
Along with Syska Gadget Secure, you will get the following add-on features:
• Anti Virus free for 1 year
• Free downloads of more than 3000 movies and 100+ collection of free & paid android games
• Music Downloads
• Live TV
• Magazines
Q8. How long does cover on my policy last for?
The insurance commences after 24 hrs of the purchase of Syska Gadget Secure along with the gadget and  lasts for 12 months.
Insurance is complementary with syska secure pack.
Q9. What are the main exclusions?
The Insurer is not liable to pay any claim in case of:
• Time of loss not within the policy window
• Damage caused by war, civil unrest and nuclear incidents
• Damages covered by Manufacturer
• Loss of accessories such as headsets, covers, chargers, etc.Damage due to prolonged exposure to sun, spontaneous self combustion of the device. Firedamage from exploded batteries, using unapproved accessories like incompatible chargers.Electrical and Mechanical breakdown. Electrical short circuit/open circuit/lightning/burnt circuit,battery explosion/spillage/leak etc.
• Any loss/damage, where negligence of the Insured is observed. All intentional loss/damage. Any loss/damage occurring while committing illegal activities, including acts of terrorism, unintentional or otherwise. Damage due to attempted tampering/ self repair of mobile device.
• Any third party liability. Any consequential loss including Loss of profit/default liabilities.
• Software issues, virus attacks, bricked devices. Problems arising out of network operator.
• Mysterious disappearances. Incorrect storage, improper handling and maintenance, forgotten/misplaced items.Theft from unattended vehicle/desk. Theft whilst the device is not in the custody of the original owner.
• Any disappearance other than theft (like loss by falling in water while traveling over water body, loss while skydiving, scuba diving and similar circumstances where risk is increased).
Q10. What is a policy excess or deductible?
A policy excess or deductible is the amount which gets deducted for each and every claim.
Q11. Is there any depreciation applicable?
For Partial loss there 0% depreciation, Incase of total Loss/Theft within 6 month depreciation is 25 % of invoice value, After 6 month 50% of invoice value.
Depreciation slab can change as per discretion of insurance company subject to prior intimation to customer, details of same will be updated on application and website
Q12. What is the claims procedure?
Refer to Cliam link
Q13. Who is the underwriter of this policy?
Syska Gadget Secure is underwritten by Leading Insurance companies and facilitated by Leehan Retails.
Q15. Can I take out cover for my work phone?
No, there is no cover for products which are not owned by you, for example those given to you by your employer for work, or those lent to you by a friend.
Q16. Can I insure a gadget I bought from my friend?
We do not offer cover for second hand phones.
Q17. How many times can I claim on my policy in a 12 month period?
No limit for frequency but limited to the sum insured (i.e. value of the gadget)
Q20. If my handset is used by friend/Family is covered?
No we do not cover handset in third party. ( not in custody of original owner)
Please note insurance is subject matter of solicitation and terms and conditions of the insurance policy apply.
For any further queries please call the toll free no: 1800 3002 7090